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Code Number:    MYNV14P02_19

Title: USS Comstock (LSD-45), Whidbey Island-class dock landing ship, USN, vessel, hull, maritime

Notes: s:"LSD-45" is a Whidbey Island-class s:"dock landing ship" of the United States Navy. It was the second s:"Navy ship" to be named for the s:"Comstock Lode" in s:"Nevada". Discovered in 1859, it was one of the richest deposits of precious metals known in the world.

This was the first s:"USN" combatant s:"ship" to have a fully integrated crew of male and female sailors. As of 2006, Comstock is homeported at NS s:"San Diego, California", and assigned to Expeditionary Strike Group 3.

Ordered: 26/11/1984
Laid down: 27/10/1986
Launched: 15/01/1988
Commissioned: 3/02/1990
Homeport: NS s:"San Diego, California"
Motto: Teamwork, Drive, Courage
Status: Active in service as of 2015
Displacement: 11,099 tons (light), 16,190 tons (full)
Length: 190 meters (610 feet)
Beam: 26 meters (84 feet)
Draft: 6.4 meters (21 feet)
Propulsion: 4 Colt Industries, 16-cylinder diesel engines, 2 shafts, 33,000 shp (25 MW)
Speed: 20+ knots (37+ km/h)
Craft carried: 5x s:"LCACs" or 21x LCM-6s
Troops: s:"USMC" Marine detachment: 470 enlisted, 30 officers
Complement: 30 officers, 327 enlisted
Armament: 2 25 mm Mk 38 cannons
2 20 mm s:"Phalanx CIWS" mounts
6 .50 caliber M2HB machine guns

San Francisco, California, USA, City
Navy, Naval, Weapon, Military, Armament, Weaponry, warfare, Maritime

Photographer: Wernher Krutein


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