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Title: A-7 Corsair II, 400, USS Hornet CVA-12, Aircraft Carrier, USN

Notes: In 1943 the eighth HORNET (CV-12) was commissioned just 16 months after its keel was laid. For 16 continuous months this vessel was in action in the forward areas of the Pacific combat zone, sometimes within 40 miles of the Japanese home islands. Under air attack 59 times, the Hornet was never hit. This ships aircraft destroyed 1410 s:"Japanese WW2 aircraft", only s:"ESSEX" exceeded this record. Also the Hornets air groups destroyed or damaged 1,269,710 tons of enemy shipping.

10 HORNET pilots attained "Ace in a Day" status.
30 of 42 VF-2 s:"F6F Hellcat" pilots were aces.
72 enemy aircraft shot down in one day.
255 aircraft shot down in a month.
Supported nearly every Pacific amphibious landing after March 1944.
Scored the critical first hits in sinking the super battleship YAMATO.
In 1945 launched the first strikes against s:"Tokyo" since the 1942 s:"B-25" s:"Doolittle Raid".

1991 - USS HORNET (CVS-12) is designated a National Historic Landmark.
1998 - HORNET opens to the public as an aircraft carrier museum in Alameda, California.
1999 - USS HORNET is designated a State Historic Landmark.
The F/A-18 strike fighter carries on the name of HORNET in today's NAVY.

USS Hornet Museum
707 W Hornet Ave
s:"Alameda NAS" CA 94501
(510) 521-8448

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Photographer: Wernher Krutein


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