Original Mosaics by Wernher Krutein

I have taken over 1 million pictures around the globe and have created a cataloging system for the whole universe. Having access to this vast archive of images has allowed me to create mosaics on virtually any subject. Most of my mosaics are composed of 8.000 individual images relating to a specific theme.

The uniqueness of my style in creating these mosaics is that I place all 8,000 individually unique images by hand which allows me to break away from the strict grid pattern commonly used by others. The precision of custom placement gives me the control of inducing fine detail well above and beyond the common mosaic. Also unlike most other mosaics there is no duplication of images.

The bigger a mosaic is printed, the greater impact it has. My NASA Space Shuttle Mosaic is installed at 18 x 18 feet. The imagination is the limit to size.

Custom mosaics can be created on just about any subject. A custom piece will require anywhere from two weeks to two years, depending on the scope of the project. All printing is done in house and can be reproduced on virtually any type of surface including, matte, gloss, semi-gloss, watercolor and real artist canvas. Mosaics printed on glass tiles can be used for walkways, wall designs and stained glass. Stained glass can be put into window frames. If you would like to commision this artist for a custom mosaic please send message here:



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