album Covers and album Interior Photography by: Wernher Krutein


Water of Life by: Slav Simanic

World Voices, Vol. 1 by Various Artists

This is What I Live For by: Richard Anthony

Mass by: Grotus

Kindred Spirits by: John Boswell

Rain by: Kevin Braheny

Yearning by: Robert Rich

Sacred Site by: Michael Stearns

Skys by: Mychael Danna

SoMa by: Robert Rich

Fissures by: Robert Rich

Propagation by: Robert Rich

Intermezzo by: Kevin Keller

Pendulum by: Kevin Keller


Spanda by: Mitchell Barnes


Angel Dust by: Faith No More

The Perfect Flaw by: Tim Story

Beguiled by: Tim Story

Abridged by: Tim Story

Christmas Song Book by: Helen Merrill

Festival of Carols by: Robert Shaw

Light of This World by: Constance Demby

New 2 The Brain

Water Tight by: D'Amphibians

Islands by: Scott Cossu


Please Contact me if you would like me to work with you on creating an album cover, I seek magic, the ethereal, and the surreal.