Stunt Airplanes, the Sukhoi Series SU-26, SU-29, SU-31, Images by Wernher Krutein and PHOTOVAULT®

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about the Sukhoi Series SU-26, SU-29, SU-31

Introduced in 1984, the SU-26 was intended to be a trend setting design using composite materials. It is of Russian origin by the renowned design and manufacturing team known as Sukhoi. It is imported to America and is seen in three varients, the Sukhoi SU-26, and its two seat variation the SU-29, and the the SU-31. Thye SU-26 and the SU-29 are of older design and have seen many airshows. The Sukoi SU-31, the single seat version of the SU-29, is the latest varient of this popular aircraft.

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