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This venerable icon of Grumman is the progenator of the renowed Gulfstream series of aircraft. The C-159 was first in this lineage. This was the only turbo-prop version of the Gulfstream. You can still see its resemblence in todays production models especially in the cockpit and windows. This model first flew on the 14th day of August 1958. It was designed as a fixed wing twin turbo-prop business aircraft. The United States Navy used a militirsed version designated TC-4C Academe. The G-159C was a 38-passenger stretched version. There were several variants produced and some models were flown on scheduled commercial airlines.
The following is a list of varients and airlines:

United States: Phoenix Air
Canada: Propair
Denmark: Cimber Air
Greece: Hellenic Air Force
United States: US Army, US Coast Guard, US Navy
V e n e z u e l a

Crew: 2
Capacity: 10-24 passengers
Length: 19.43 m 63 ft 9 in)
Wingspan: 78 ft 6 in (23.93 m)
Height: 22 ft 9 in (6.93 m)
Wing Area: 610.3 sq ft (56.70 m2)
Empty Weight: 21,900 lb (9,934 kg)
Max takeoff weight: 35,100 lb (15,921 kg)
Ppower: 2x Rolls-Royce Dart 529 turboprop, 2,190 shp (1,630 kW) each

Cruise speed: 348 mph (302 kn; 560 km/h) (max cruise, at 25,000 ft (7,625 m)
Range: 2,540 mi (2,207 nmi; 4,088 km)
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