Curtiss-Wright CW-20 (C-46 Commando), Images by Wernher Krutein, Les Clark and PHOTOVAULT®

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Curtiss-Wright CW-20 (C-46 Commando)

During 1937, Curtiss-Wright began design work on an all-metal twin engine airliner capable of carrying 36 passengers. This aircraft, known as the CW-20, was powered by two Wright R-2600 engines and was first flow by Curtiss-Wright Test Pilot Eddie Allen on March 26, 1940. Immediately after the first test flight of the CW-20, the Army Air Corps placed an order for 25 military cargo versions of the aircraft and designated it the C-46. The most notable modifications in the C-46's were fewer windows and Pratt & Whitney R-2800's which increased the gross weight from the 40,000 lbs. of the CW-20 model to the 50,675 lb. C-46. The Commando was one of the largest twin-engine aircraft of its time. The prototype CW-20 passenger liner designated the C-55 was evaluated by the Army but was rejected in favor of the c-46. This original CW-20, redesignated C-55, was transferred to Great Britain under Lend-Lease.
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