Cargo Aircraft: the Armstrong-Whitworth AW650 Argosy, Images by Les Clark and PHOTOVAULT®

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About the Armstrong-Whitworth AW650 Argosy

In the late 50's a private venture was instigated by a subsidiary of Hawker-Siddeley known as Armstrong-Whitworth. It would be Armstrong-Whitworths last project before becoming fully integrated into the Hawker-Siddeley firm. On January 8, 1959, the prototype Argosy first took flight. It had a payload 28,000lb or 89 passengers, with a rear loading ramp. It was powered by 4 1506kw Rolls-Royce Dart Mk 526 Turboprop engines.

Though not a commercial success, a military version was ordered by the Royal Air Force. The RAF required alterations from the civilian version and the first Argosy for the RAF flew March 4th 1961. The RAF subsequently ordered 56 of this type aircraft. The RAF put this aircraft to use as a freight, troop transport, parchute platform, and near the end of its useful life it was used for airfield calibration. The last Argosy was a 115 SQN Aircraft on 22nd January 1978. The post office issued a last day cover for it.

Commercial cargo airlines only purchased 17 total civilian versions. The first ten aircraft were series 100. Seven of the series 100 went to Logair in the USA, and the other three series 100 were bought by BEA. BEA also purchesd seven series 200 Argosies.

Technical Data:
Span: 33.05m (115'0ft)
Length: 26.44m (86'9ft)
Height: 8.91m (29'3ft)
Weight empty: 22,186kg (48,920lb)
max: 42,185kg (93,000lb)
Power Plant: 4x 2230shp Rolls-Royce Dart 532-1 turboprops
max speed: 455km/h (282mph)
max climb: 900ft/min (273m/min)
ceiling: 21,000ft (6400m)
range: 2835km (1760miles)

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