Insects: Honeypot Ants (Myrmecosystus mexicanus) - [Hymenoptera], Images by Wernher Krutein and PHOTOVAULT®

This page contains samples from our picture files on Honeypot Ants. These images are intended to communicate the sense of awe and wonder I have for these amazing beings. Let us all do what we can to protect their ability to survive and thrive in the wild. These photographs are available for licensing in any media. For Pricing, General Guidelines, and Delivery information click here. You may contact us thru email or by phone for more information on the use of these images, and any others in our files not shown here.

Included in the Vault are images of: Argentine Ant, Army Ants, Bullet Ant, Crater-nest Ant (Conomyrma spp.), Fire Ant (Solenopsis geminata), Harvester Ants, Honeypot Ants, Leaf-cutter Ants, Red Ant (Formica spp.), Velvet Ant (Dasymutilla spp.), Anteaters
Insects are in the phylum of Arthropods and comprise of over 1 million species. That is more than all other species of animal life combined. In fact insects make up close to 85% of all known animal species. Most insects have wings at some point in their lives, though not all. All insects have six legs and three unique body sections. The three sections are the Head, the Thorax, and the Abdomen. They have a tough outer section called an exoskeleton. Insects breath through tiny holes called spiracles along the sides of their bodies. All insects lay eggs, and most go through four stages of metamorphosis. Grasshoppers, Cockroaches, Earwigs and Aphids will go through only three stages of growth. They live in virtually all kinds of habitats including rainforests, deserts, hot thermal pools, frozen tundra lands, and remarkably, even in pools of gasoline.

The longest insects are the stick insects which can grow as long as 50 centimeters. A tiny midge has wings beats of 62,000 beats per minute making it the record
holder of all animals. Our insect pages are seperated by the orders contained in the Animal Class Insecta. Ants, Bees, Bugs, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Beetles, Flies, Grasshoppers, Termites, Lacewings, Leafhoppers, Mayflies, Parisitic: Fleas, Earwigs, Proturans, Scorpions, Spiders, Ticks and Mites, Myriapods, Mosquitoes, FLOWERS, NATURE, Flowers, Grass, Leaves, Orchids, Pollen, Roses, Succulents, Water and Pool Plants, Gymnosperms, Berries, Symbolism of Plants, Herbs, and Trees, Leaf Facts, Sunflowers, Daisies, Of Light and Form, Paleontology; Insects, Fractals, Water Textures, Wood Textures, FOOD, INSECTS

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