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In 1957 the US Navy issued an RFP for a new high-performance anti-submarine (ASW) patrol aircraft to replace the Lockheed P-2 Neptune ASW aircraft. The contract was awarded to Lockheed which proposed to adapt its commercial Electra L-188 four engine turboprop aircraft. Compared to the civilian Electra, the Orion has a more pointed nose. The prototype known as the YP3V-1 first flew in late 1959. In late 1960 the name "Orion" was attached to this aircraft.

The P-3C can carry a mixed payload of weapons internally and on wing pylons. It was designed primarliy for ASW duty with state of the art electronics, stowage for search stores, and a bomb bay that could carry and release mines, depth bombs, torpedoes or nuclear weapons. There are ten external pylons that can carry mines or rockets. A powerful searchlight was placed under the starboard wing.

The P3C has an advanced submarine detection sensor system which include directional frequency and ranging (DIFAR) sonobuoys and magnetic anomaly detection (MAD) equipment. The MAD sensor is the long "pole" seen at the rear of the aircraft.

There are many different types of this model including specially equiped electronic inteligence reconnaissance aircraft (ELINT), weather patrol, narcotics monitoring, offshore patrol, and many other maritime surveillance duties.

Now more than 40 years later, it remains the Navy's sole land-based antisubmarine warfare aircraft. It is the biggest of the US Navy's various ASW aircraft. Other current ASW aircraft include the S-3 Viking and the E-2C Hawkeye.

There were four models of this aircraft that were produced, theP-3A (1962), P-3B, P-3C (1969), and now the P-3J which is currently being delivered to the British Royal Navy.

Manufacturer: Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems Company
Type: Antisubmarine warfare(ASW)/Antisurface warfare (ASUW)
Crew: Two pilots plus 8-10 crewmen
Powerplant: Four 4,500 hp Allison T56-A-10W with water injection
Dimensions: Span 99' 8"; 69' 1"
Length: 116 feet 7 inches (35.57 meters)
Wingspan: 99 feet 6 inches (30.36 meters)
Height: 33 feet 7 inches (10.27 meters)
Weight: Max gross take-off: 139,760 pounds (63,394.1 kg)
Speed: maximum - 411 knots (466 mph, 745 kmph); cruise - 328 knots (403 mph, 644 kmph)
Ceiling: 28,300 feet (8,625.84 meters)
Range:Maximum mission range - 2,380 nautical miles (2,738.9 miles);
Range: 2,900 miles tactical
Armament: Torpedoes, nuclear/conventional depth bombs, 20,000 pounds (9 metric tons) of ordinance including:Harpoon (AGM-84D) cruise missile, SLAM (AGM-84E) missiles, Maverick (AGM 65) air-to-ground missiles, MK-46/50 torpedoes, rockets, mines, depth bombs, and special weapons

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