Military Pictures: Canadian Coast Guard, Images by Wernher Krutein and PHOTOVAULT®

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Aircraft and helicopters belonging to the Canadian Coast Guard (which in Canada is a civilian organization) are painted red in a similar color scheme to Canadian Coast Guard ships you can see below. In the Canadian Air Force, aircraft and helicopters belonging to a Transport and Rescue squadron are painted a bright yellow/orange and not the standard "military grey". Some people may confuse these Air Force Squadrons as Canadian Coast Guard.
Included in the Vault are images of: CG Cutters, Helicopters, Rescues, Ice Breakers, Patrols, etc. Coast Guard Volume 1, Coast Guard Volume 02

Links to US Coast Guard Aircraft: C-130 Hercules, HH-3 Pelican, HH-52 Sea Guardian, HH-65 Dolphin, HU-16 Albatross, HU-25 Guardian

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