California Kingsnake

Lampropeltis getulus californiae (Colubridae)

Distribution: Oregon to Baja California


African Rock Python


About this snake: California Kingsnake

The California Kingsnake feeds on other snakes, lizards, reptile eggs, birds and their eggs, and small mammals. The Kingsnake gets its title from its habit of eating other snakes, even the widely feared and respected rattlesnake, therefore making it the "king" of snakes. Kingsnakes, like the famous boa constrictor, kill by constriction but have the ability to eat rattlesnakes because at some point it developed immunity to the normally lethal venom.

Young California Kingsnakes can be rather jumpy but as they age they become more docile. Their gentle nature cannot be taken for granted, if they are annoyed they may vibrate their tail, emit a stinky musk, and strike aggressively. In general though, they are more likely to run from danger than to strike.

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