Books authored by Wernher Krutein

In his quest to capture images that represent this "simply beautiful, enormously complex and lovingly profound" world, Internationally Acclaimed Artist Wernher Krutein, has turned to publishing books to share his sense of awe and wonder for the great mystery. The following are links to these many books and how to order them.

CD Music Graphics by Wernher Krutein

Mosaics by Wernher Krutein


Children, Light of this World - release date Febuary 2010

Of Light and Form - release date Febuary 2010

The Magic of the Sea - release date March 2011

Wings over America - release date April 2011

Deep Within the Flower - release date May 2011

Lighthouses of America - release date June 2008

Cityscapes of America - release date Summer 2011

66 - Get your Kicks - release date Winter 2012

The Human Form in Nature - release date Jan 2012

Within the Dream of Self - release date Jan 2012